The Capstone Marketplace includes additional background information for faculty and university administrators, and material to assist senior undergraduates in their design projects.  Resource material is provided in several categories:

1.  Capstone Marketplace Organization and Procedures

SERC CAPSTONE -Project Proposal Instructions V17 – Aug 2021

Academic Inputs for Capstone Marketplace Research Topics

Govt Research Topics for Capstone Marketplace

Expression of Interest Form


Release of information and Intellectual Property Form 4 Aug-2019

CAPSTONE – Award Notification Template- 20 May2018

Capstone Project Plan Outline

Quad Chart Template

2.  Capstone Marketplace Objectives

SERC Capstone Marketplace Objectives

3.  System Engineering Resources

A link is provided below to the NASA System Engineering Handbook, a document used extensively in aerospace and defense R&D, for both large and small programs.  The handbook was designed by NASA to help organize and control very large development programs, and contains a considerable amount of detail, more than a Capstone team will require. However, it is an excellent reference to understand the high level structure and flow of a design effort, the purpose of various reviews, and definitions and terms common to technology developments.

NASA System Engineering Handbook