The Capstone Marketplace includes additional background information for faculty and university administrators, and material to assist senior undergraduates in their design projects.  Resource material is provided in several categories:

1.  Capstone Marketplace Organization and Procedures

Capstone Activities for the upcoming Academic Year –July 2019

Academic Inputs for Capstone Marketplace Research Topics

Govt Research Topics for Capstone Marketplace

Expression of Interest Form

CAPSTONE-Project-Proposal-Instructions 24 Aug 2019.pdf


Release of information and Intellectual Property Form 4 Aug-2019

CAPSTONE – Award Notification Template- 20 May2018

Capstone Project Plan Outline

Quad Chart Template

2.  Capstone Marketplace Objectives

SERC Capstone Marketplace Objectives 2019

3.  System Engineering Resources

A link is provided below to the NASA System Engineering Handbook, a document used extensively in aerospace and defense R&D, for both large and small programs.  The handbook was designed by NASA to help organize and control very large development programs, and contains a considerable amount of detail, much more than a Capstone team will require. However, it is an excellent reference for understanding the high level structure and flow of a design effort, the purpose of various reviews, and definitions and terms common to technology developments.

NASA System Engineering Handbook

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