Updates 10/21: 


We are sending out SERC subcontracts to university business offices on over 20 Capstone Research Topics.   It’s very important that each university ensure the following: 

  1.  Teams and Faculty Advisors must be in contact with your government Subject Matter Experts.  Please contact us without delay if there are any issues with this.
  2. Faculty and student team members need to become familiar with  Capstone contract details, and project guidance, including  “Project Plans” and “Quad Charts”.  (See Project Plan Outline and reference template for project  Quad Chart )  These products are deliverables for the first contract milestones. 
  3.  SERC needs to build a portfolio of Capstone project Quad Charts as soon as you have them.   
  4. We will post a matrix of schools and assigned projects when Fall contracts are in place.

For new members, please submit from your .edu,  .mil,  .gov  or other official mail account.  We can’t accept a “gmail”,  aol, or other general account,  unless you can establish your association with a university, military, government,  or other official organization   



About the Capstone Marketplace


The Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) is a Department of Defense (DoD) University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) at Stevens Institute of Technology; the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for System Engineering (ODASD/SE) sponsors SERC’s activities.  SERC is chartered to strengthen academic research in system engineering, addressing problems of interest to DOD.   A component of SERC’s effort is the “Capstone Marketplace”, which connects DOD and other government organizations with undergraduate academic teams, to work on senior year, “capstone” design projects.   The Capstone Marketplace provides student design teams research topics, contact with government Subject Matter Experts, and research funding for projects. University capstone teams are expected to operate like small industry teams, performing research and development for government “Subject Matter Expert” customers.   SERC staff provides technical, business, and other management references and resources to the teams.


The Capstone Marketplace has a list of “2019-2020 Research Topics”.  These research interests have been collected from DOD military operators and government research organizations.  All of this year’s topics are aligned with organizational priorities and gaps in their R&D processes.  SERC has selected Capstone Research Topics such that:

  • Topics have academic value for students
  • Students will be exposed to challenging problems 
  • Students will have the opportunity to apply system engineering techniques to their development work
  • Approaches and solutions will likely be valuable to government sponsors

Sponsors in the operational units and government research staffs,  will work directly with students.  The web document, “SERC Capstone Marketplace Objectives”  lists additional details on SERC’s concepts for small team developments and applied system engineering  for students. 

Academic institutions intending to pursue SERC Capstone Marketplace awards are encouraged to submit an initial “Expression of Interest” (EOI) to SERC as soon as possible.   A template on the Capstone Marketplace website  can be transmitted directly to the Marketplace.   After receipt of an EOI, SERC will send a Request For Proposal (RFP) to the university.    Proposals should follow formats,  instructions, and schedules provided in the “Project Proposal Instructions” detailed on the website. Proposals will be evaluated and awards announced as rapidly as possible.   SERC intends to assign its full set of 2019-2020 Research Topics to university teams by late September 2019.  Additional details on SERC’s project award and contracting processes are on the website–see documents in the “Resources” sections.


Proposals may now be accepted from non-SERC universities, as well as from SERC consortium members.  SERC may now award Capstone Marketplace Contracts to any U.S. educational institution, with ABET accreditation, conducting undergraduate engineering design projects.


  1. SERC can now award Capstone Marketplace Research Topics to any US university with an ABET accredited engineering program. Membership in the SERC Consortium is not required.
  2. Graduate students are permitted to participate in Capstone teams.  See the details on this in Comments on Capstone Activities for the upcoming Academic Year
  3. Universities are encouraged to submit their own ideas for new Research Topics.  For 2019-2020, SERC has had inputs from several schools on project topics.  Several of these have been endorsed by government customers, and will be pursued as Marketplace projects.  In the future, SERC intends for the Marketplace to be a true “marketplace” where universities can attract Capstone and government interest in their research ideas with a minimum of process.   See the document Academic Inputs for Capstone-Marketplace Research Topics for more information.  


Capstone Marketplace Managers:

Michael DeLorme                    mdelorme@stevens.edu 

Bill Shepherd                           wshephe1@stevens.edu