The Capstone Marketplace Process:

    1. Get on the Marketplace.  Create a Capstone Marketplace user account.
      1. Review and select a Capstone Marketplace Research Topic
      2. Review the available documents in the Resources Tab, including the SERC Capstone Marketplace objectives
      3. Submit the simplified Expression of Interest (EOI) form.  The EOI form gives us a way to validate responses from academia, and also provides a look at which Research Topics are of high interest. The EOI is reviewed and schools will  receive a request for proposal (RFP) based on”topics” still open and funds available.  We will indicate on the Research Topic list as topics become fully subscribed and are no longer open for new proposals. All EOI’s to the Marketplace will get a response, asking for an RFP, or recommending the selection of an alternate Research Topic.
      4. Universities that receive an RFP should develop a proposal using the Proposal Preparation Instructions.  There are a few changes from last year’s format.  Proposals are expected even before student teams are formed, with the university’s commitment that a Capstone team will be identified as a condition for a contract award.
      5. After receipt of an RFP, university Faculty Advisors will be given Capstone Marketplace access to folders that will allow them to  review detailed information on the selected research topic. Contact information for the sponsor or “client” subject matter experts (SME) will be provided. These resources are intended to help university teams to submit effective proposals for review by the government customers and the Capstone Marketplace team.
      6. The most attractive proposals will be selected for Capstone Marketplace awards.  University research teams will be notified of award or rejection of their proposal. NOTE: As these projects will be official contracts it is critical that university teams consult with their respective sponsored projects offices to review the process and requirements prior to submitting a proposal.  
    2. Award Notifications.  SERC will provide award notification by email to selected universities.  Schools will be requested to “start at risk” until the final SERC contract agreements are in place.
    3. Capstone Project Roles.    Participating universities will operate under a contract award from Stevens Institute, on behalf of the SERC.   Stevens’ officials will be the Contract Officers and will administer or supervise all provisions of the contract.  The government customers for each team will act as “Subject Matter Experts” and will be functioning as technical representatives (only) to the Contracting Officer.  Any requested changes to the Contract MUST be submitted to the Stevens Contract Office for approval.  
    4. Deliverables.  The first deliverables will  be project kick-off meetings, to review student teams’ Project Plans.  This is an important first deliverable as part of the kick-off process.  It is most important that Faculty Advisors and the student Capstone teams be familiar with the SERC Contract, with particular attention to the Statement of Work and deliverables.
    5. Project close-out