• “Flipping the Classroom” –Several students have visited the Capstone Marketplace in advance of any Capstone team at their university, and taken interest in a Capstone Project. This may be one of the best ways to form a team and get a good project going. We encourage students to interact with the Marketplace directly, especially regarding their…[Read more]

  • NASA System Engineering Handbook. A link to this NASA document has been provided in the “Resources” section. This is intended as a reference for Capstone teams, It’s not intended as a “boilerplate” guide for student teams, but does provide a high level overview of the structure of a research and development effort. It’s also an excellent source…[Read more]

  • Unsolicited Topics. At the moment, the Capstone Marketplace is discouraging unsolicited project topics. This is because we have an established group of government sponsors ready to provide Subject Matter Experts and other assistance to Capstone senior design teams. To line this up for any unsolicited new topics for Fall 2018 will be a…[Read more]

  • Submission of Expression Of Interest forms. Some apparent confusion about what we are asking for when your interest in a Research Topic is presented. Each Topic has an Alpha-Numeric designator and a Short Title. Example: 2018 USCG 01 Mass Rescue Device. We’ve changed the EOI form and only need the “Short Title”. The Alpha Numeric designator…[Read more]

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    Capstone Taxes. A question was asked if SERC taxes money going to schools. The answer is “no”. We will provide the full funding agreed in the contract document. Each university will likely have some “overhead” on their contract processing. It’s up to the institution how this is done. Faculty Advisors should be aware that the amount they…[Read more]

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